Baby loss

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I provide important specialist support for mothers and fathers, and other family members whose baby has died in any circumstances.

I know the experience of miscarriage and infant loss and have also completed academic research exploring the significance of loss in early infancy. I am interested in the normalcy of the body's response to such a death as trauma, and have a particular interest in the physical responses or symptoms experienced such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

The death of a baby may trigger extremely powerful and frightening responses particularly if the birth of your baby and medical interventions during the life of your baby have been traumatic.  In the face of threat or danger of death feelings of terror and fear are normal but when unacknowledged or held in the body they may become 'left over' and may indicate Post Traumatic Stress. These symptoms may arise weeks, months even years later. Some people end up feeling as if there is something 'wrong with them' when in fact the outside environment has failed to grasp and fully understand the impact of trauma and grief and offer the right  support.

In addition to this I understand that a rupture to the mother infant bond may particularly difficult to bear and has no set time scale for recovery. Those suffering are often encouraged to move on and let go  when they are still struggling to come to terms with what has happened. 

I offer a safe holding space to bear some of the more challenging or unspeakable feelings that may arise during grief. I also create a compassionate and sacred space to honour the  remembrance of a baby and the painful experience loss.

This may also accommodate a deeper exploration of the personal meaning of such a death including unfulfilled expectations and the impact upon partner relationships.

Some people also wish to explore the cultural and spiritual meaning of life and death in their search for solace.

So wherever you I in your process I welcome you.

The baby loss clinic is open for free initial consultations one morning every week.


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